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All Grampians   19 Nov 2012
9 Sep 2014
Teak Rails For Grampians Details Hamilton, ON Offers Newcombe
GC22   23 Aug 2015
21 Mar 2016
Classic Grampian 22 For Sale La Poete, 46350 $1,500 USD Pilecki
G26 1971 11 Aug 2017 Grampian 26 and Trailer for sale Details Novi, MI $3900 Boat & Cradle
$3,000 Trailer
G26 1973 5 Sep 2017 Grampian 26 for parts Details   Owen Sound, ON Offers are Invited Peppler
G26 1980? 30 Oct 2012
21 Mar 2016
Last Grampian 26 Hull only Built Details Foxboro, north of Belleville, ON Offers are Invited Johnson
G26 70's 5 Aug 2010
21 Mar 2016
Grampian 26 for sale Details Midland, Ontario $5,500 CDN OBO 
G26 1974 19 Mar 2016 Grampian 26 for sale Details   Dutchman Cove Penatanguishe ON Best Offer Levreault
G26 1978?
31 Dec 2015 Grampian 26 for sale Details

Outer Harbour Marina Toronto $4,500 CDN NEW PRICE Ginzberg
G26 1976


11 Jun 2017 Grampian 26 for sale Details Victoria BC $4,000 CDN SOLD odd
G26 1973 4 June 2017 Grampian 26 for sale Details Hamilton, ON $9,200 CDN Jewell
G30 1974 #268 5 May 2014
1 Oct 2017
Grampian 30 for sale     $13,500 USD        NEW PRICE
G30 1976 #301 22 April 2014
23 Mar 2016
Grampian 30 Parts for sale Details   Kinsale, VA Negotiable Bradford
G30 1982 20 Jul 2017
27 Aug 2017
Grampian 30 for sale Details  Oakville, ON Asked $15,900 CDN SOLD Joy
G30 Parts 1975 26 Feb 2012
21 Mar 2016
Grampian 30 Parts For Sale Details   Caseville, Michigan To be negotiated Hearsch
G34 1973 28 Jul 2009
21 Mar 2016
Grampian 34 for sale Details Long Island NY $3,000 US "As Is"  Charkow



BE AWARE  An owner had his G-26 listed on this website for sale.  He received several inquiries about it.  One of them was an e-mail,  from what sounded like a legitimate marine company.  The person inquiring was in a big hurry to buy the boat for his "client".  He wanted to send the owner a cashiers check for the boat plus the cost of shipping it.  He was to cash the check, keep the sale money and send the balance to the shipper.  To his surprise he found out that cashiers checks are not all that safe.  It can take more than 2 weeks for the banks to discover that a check is counterfeit.  Thankfully he did not go through with this sale.  If he had he would have been out a major sum of money.  

Thanks to his coming forward, I feel that I should warn as many people as I can because this scam preys on peoples honesty not their greed, and it almost got this person.  If you are interested, here is a link describing this scam at length

Please contact the owner listed under Details when inquiring about a boat.











































When inquiring about a boat, please inform the owner that you saw the vessel you are inquiring about listed on the Grampian Owner's Marina Website

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