I have a Grampian G 26.  It is just the hull and deck with interior compartments.  There are no molds. It was the last hull and deck ever molded. 

I would like to add that the Grampian molds were bought by an investor who wanted to take orders at the Toronto boat show.  We made up and outfitted  the G 30 and 34  models in the outskirts of Guelph, Ontario and the orders flowed in.  There was so much excitement with prospects of having Grampian back again and even an offer of being relocated to Puerto Rico. The orders generated at the Toronto Boat Show were for G34 and 30 built in Guelph.  We actually generated more orders than the Nonsuch beside us. We would have been happy with an order for about 10 but had nearly 30. There were also the G26s which we did not bring to the TBS 

However, the loans were called in and all those prospects dashed in the greed of the moment by the loan holders who thought that they could run with the success and the orders that the boat show had generated.  We were not paid for our time but in the end we did get the last Grampian hull and deck made (unfinished).   Anne Johnson