Have you ever heard of a Grampian power boat? I seem to have one, according to the manufacturers tag.  This boat is approximately 17.5 feet in length, a beam of about 6.5 feet, right hand steer, Volvo B18 4 cyl power, 170 leg and external fresh water cooling. The id tag begins with the usual 0, but with no other production numbers following stamped on it. Is this boat a prototype, or perhaps custom built by one of the employees for personal use?

Anyone have any knowledge of this or similar boats? Contact Webmaster.

UPDATE: April 13, 2011 I have been informed that this boat was built by Grampian for Hunt who still produce a line of fine power boats http://www.huntdesigns.com



This photo (10 years old) is claimed to be of a 1964, 37' Grampian yawl. A broker says that the seller called it a "Walthrop", but no one else has heard of this model.

Can you provide any information about her? She was called "En Avant", and based out of Norfolk for the past 20 years or so. She's supposed to have won a Bermuda race or two in her time, but owner can't find any corroboration. Contact Webmaster

UPDATE:    Information received indicates that she was sold as a Walton 37 not Walthrop – designed by Sparkman and Stephens and built by the Grampian Shipyard, not Grampian Yacht and Marine.  I was the third owner and both I and the first two owner’s raced her to Bermuda. She was a great boat. (Catherine C. McLaughlin)



I found a picture on your site (see above) and it looks just like my classic 37' (boatyard shot in the attachment). My boat, however, is a cutter. Is there any reason to believe it's anything but a classic 37, aside from the broker's assertion of it being a 'Walthrop'?













          A Walton 37 yawl - hull number 2