Eric Martin's Decking Project





Here is some of the history behind my boat.  I bought her in 2000 and sailed her for that season,
that winter I started working on the interior refit and electrical system replacement.  I then sailed
her the following year in 2001, and once again worked on her for the winter of that year and sailed
again in 2002.  Now the fun part the winter of 2002 I was faced with the task of refinishing the decks. 
I worked on the inside for part of the winter and got the idea of a wood deck and thought to myself,
why not?  The sailing season 2003 revealed a very different boat that is shown here.  It was a large
task and I would not suggest it to the poorly equipped boat owner, you definitely need the right
tools to do the job.  In any case the decks are clear red cedar and have been coated with epoxy
which has then been coated with a UV stabilized varnish.  You guessed it that requires yearly
maintenance if you want the epoxy to last.  The interior is a mixture of teak and Russian birch
and cedar.  The entire hull and deck head have been insulated.  I am happy with the results,
and as my next project I am now building a Chatam 40 sloop. 

Well that is about it, if you find yourself sailing the Ottawa river between Chats Falls and
Britannia Rapids, you may just see "Aeolian Spirit" a wood decked 73 Grampian 26. 

Eric Martin