Upgrades to s/v Lollipop - A Grampian 26



Cabin sole.



When we purchased Lollipop,the cabin sole consisted of some loose household laminate flooring pieces on disintegrating plywood. I believe the original carpet was still in front of the V berth and under the dinette table, and not smelling too fresh either,


A foul smelling bilge, obviously never cleaned since the middle ages was opened. To my surprise the keel bolts where in excellent shape once the debris and dirt was removed. Also the sole supports had been replaced by one of the PO's and where in good shape.


Normally the sole is Teak and Holly veneered plywood,but I decided to use 1/4 thick Cherry and Maple epoxied to 1/2 exterior plywood, encapsulated in epoxy and finished with polyurethane. Not exactly 'nautical' woods, but the same look was achieved with plenty of thickness to sand out the inevitable scrapes and dings from high traffic areas.




The old plywood was used as a template for the new sole and an inspection hatch was added over the bilge pump strainer. The new sole is removable, no fasteners are used, the fit to the bilge keeps it in place.


Existing carpet and plywood was torn out from the front of the V berth and under dinette table and replaced with the same Cherry and Maple sole.


Vents where added in the riser for the dinette area to keep some air circulating.


Parts of the hull, not covered by the sole, had been painted brown, including the plywood and difficult to keep clean. This was rouged up with sandpaper, globs of spilled epoxy removed and an exterior type of vinyl glued over it. (Dek-master 60 mil vinyl)

Use the recommended adhesive, I tried a cheaper one and messed up!




The same material will be used to replace the fabric liner over the quarter berth and dinette area.


At the same time a new tabletop (white oak) and collapsible cherry leg where installed.


Drawers refinished with the cutlery drawer made to slide out to both sides of the table.