Upgrades to s/v Lollipop - A Grampian 26


 Companionway Boards


The existing acrylic companionway boards where badly scratched, broken corners, broken lock, etc.


I had a nice piece of Mahogany laying around, just enough to replace the worn Teak handrails and 3 hatch boards.


The 2 top ones have a bronze acrylic window, while the bottom is a large vent with screen and can be closed off from the inside with a sliding panel.


Frames are 3/4x1-3/4,mitered corners with a loose tenon, glued with polyurethane glue (gorilla glue).

Acrylic windows are held in a captive dado, assembled and glued together with the frames.


Finish consists of a sealing coat of clear epoxy, and numerous coats of Helmsman varnish.Maintenance would be 1 or 2 coats every spring before launching.











Storing the boards always seems to be a problem, especially in a small boat.


To solve the problem I build a removable plywood box in the cockpit lazarette to hold the boards.


A simple box from exterior grade plywood (the cheap builders stuff) with dividers to separate the boards and hung from a cleat glued to the lazarette wall.


A perfect fit with room to spare.