The Beast Becomes a Beauty

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We weren't sure why one would put so much effort into taking a trashed 1973 Grampian 23 and making it look this good, but someone did, and as it turns out, it is a pretty good story. Mark Capern, (I Know A Guy, shares it here:

"The I Know A Guy... Legacy Project" stems from years gone by... I used to be a sail maker for Doyle Boston Sailmakers in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. (They did the sails and I sell for them now through my company...) This boat was owned by a friend of mine's father. I taught the girls how to sail many, many years ago on this and other boats they owned.
David Dixon, the previous owner and father of Sue and Pam Dixon have been and still are life long friends...Dave suffers from M.S. and is severely crippled with that and other disease. My goal is to make him sail again and cry at the sight of what he remembers as his boat.

All partners are Canadian based companies that are specialists in what they do... New sails, new lifelines, new rig, new decks, 7 step process for restoration, newly designed keel...
From top of mast to bottom of keel... NEW. I wanted to take a 1973 boat and bring it up to speed with look, sails, gear, all new Harken & Lewmar fittings and deck gear and winches..., new engine, new 6 hp Mercruiser Inflatable for on water shots during regattas...

With thanks to I Know A Guy and "Sailing Anarchy"