As a matter of interest to other members I joined pictures of  a few of my several  modifications on the boat. In Photo 1, you will see one of the  2 opening ports in the main saloon windows. I installed those when I redid the windows completely. These are great for cross ventilation. Also there is the electrical panel fitted in the little space above the dinette seat near the door.

I have other modifications which may be of interest. Again in Photo 1, you will see in the bottom right the forward deck modifications: Threadmaster anti-slip and a little 'wall' in the shape of a V to contain the muddy water sometimes flowing when you raise the anchor and preventing it flowing on the entire deck . There is a formal name for this which I have forgotten.

On the left of that picture, you can see the curved rail installed on the house, forward of the mast. This is the rail for the self jibing jib. That jib is installed on the furler and can be furled.

I installed a new centerboard to resolve the 'sticking' problem. I made a new centerboard 1 inch thick instead of 1.25 inches. The profiles were done by a Ottawa guy on marine plywood using a NC machine and came in two pieces. I expoxied them on a 1/4 inch steel core and encapsulated them in epoxy cloth. The specs for the shapes are still with this person so he can probably make others..

Other modifications which may be of interest:

- Waste water reservoir under the forward seat of the dinette.

- Water reservoir under the quarterberth

- Clear plastic companionway door for grey days.

- JIffy reefing

Eric Maille - "Sharky"

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