Gord and his wife purchased their G34 a few years ago just after they had agreed that they didn't need another project boat. However, after looking at a lot of boats on the market this one seemed to fit their needs the best for coastal cruising for extended periods of time. The worst part had already been done, new stringers, sole, bulkheads as well as all the port holes and thru hulls had been glassed over to make way for new ones. The keel was re-engineered to a shoal keel (4.5 ft draft) and the whole hull and topsides were awlgriped. All this work was done by a boat yard  in Sidney, BC so all that was left was everything else!!

The boat came with many new parts and pieces so it cut down on expenses greatly. This boat was slated for a 3rd world voyage so all the equipment was such. It also came with more than enough 2 in. yellow cedar to do the whole interior and enough teak for all the trim and sole.

She also came with all her rigging as well as sails that were all in good shape except for stays etc. which Gord had a rigger come in and take care of that part . All new oversize chain plates were installed as well as traveler track from stem to stern . Two 40 gal. water tanks were installed as well as 2 -15 gal. saddle tanks and a 30 for fuel and a 2 gal. day tank for the diesel stove. The holding tank is about 10 gal and is located under the starboard side of the forward birth close to the head. Fuel and water tanks are all located either side of the engine compartment. All these things take a lot of pre-planning and research. One boo-boo they made was putting the engine nicely down on her new bunks and discovering one of the fuel tanks wouldn't go through the hatch. #%"@## out it comes again and in with the new tank.

Gord says "There are so many sources for info out there, do things right to start with and use the best materials possible. Things like standing rigging I let a professional do but almost everything else including wiring I was able to do. Fortunately I live in a boat building town and there is a lot of info to be had and also a workshop and a driveway were the boat sat for it's rebuild....Once did a major on a boat tied to a dock...never again. Anyway, once again forgive my grammar and spelling  and any questions just write....Gord" [email protected]





"Before The Wind"










     As she looks today

BEFORE REFIT PHOTOS (Click on thumbnail for larger photo)