Kurt Washeim's G30 Modifications

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I have built a new centerboard "remodelled from the existing original" and drawn a detailed sketch of it. A friend of mine used it to build one for his boat and it worked out well for him too. If your boat is equipped with a crank handle located under the port aft cockpit locker I would suggest using a six to one block and tackle rig. This alleviates the tight turn of the wire that ultimately frays and makes for an effortless, faster more reliable rig.

I added an eighty gallon Kevlar water tank/bag in the large bilge this past season along with a water heater and shower. The extra water and ability to shower on board has increased my range drastically. This has in a sense added ballast to the boat and helped her sit on her lines better when loaded for those ultra long nonstop cruises.

Nirvana was fitted with H.M.P. stanchion rail mounts that are custom made by them for the Grampian 30. This give the boat 3 ˝” extra walk around room on deck “see picture and visit www.hmp.com for more info”.


I found that my boat had much better speed upwind with the mast raked back subst
antially so when I decided to build a new mainsail I purchased a “rod kicker” boomvang (see pictures) . This unit eliminates the need for a boom topping lift allowing much more roach to be built onto the mainsail when using full battens. This moves the center of effort of the sail plan aft keeping the top of the mast forward giving the boat the best performance upwind and off the wind.

The Grampian 30 centerboard model can be a bit tender and has a tendency to broach on those heavy air reaches with the chute up. I mounted a six foot joisting bowsprit pole for my new Doyle a-symmetrical cruising chute. By moving the sail and center of effort forward you greatly reduce the weather helm and become able to carry more sail. The snuffer system with the removable pole couldn’t be easier to handle.

Check out the 6’-4” headroom under the huge (see picture) dodger. I figured if I didn’t have to duck when down below why should I duck in the cockpit!



I have been sailing all my life. I’ve have raced in the Americas cup “OK so what, we lost” and won a few world titles in one designs over the years. I was a sail maker for over a decade. Since then I have been cruising casually on Nirvana. I have done solo trips of 600+ nautical miles and many family cruises. I do not know of any other 30’ production boat that offers the comfort, storage space, functionality or performance. Quite simple I love my G-30.


Kurt Washeim