Subject: "Captain Jimmy and the "3 Hour Tour"               
Top of the Morning to all of You Land Lubbers!
Just wanted to drop everyone a quick little note in a bottle of my sea travels with Captain Jimmy
 ( ie .."Gilligan) last night.
After calling my insurance agent (to make sure that my Life Insurance was all up to date), and 
calling a few close friends including my Mother to say good  bye (just in case), cause you never 
know what kind of rough seas can kick up on  the "Almighty Elizabeth"............(the Elizabeth River). 
I arrived promptly at 1700 hours (5 PM) to be greeted with by Captain Jimmy. He was a most 
impressive ol' Sea Dog! Rough Sea like beard, a close cut  hair that looks like they took turns with 
a pair of cutting shears in 10' swells  in a drunken stupor. None the less he was extremely polite with 
only a hint of  alcohol on his breath........I'm sure it was from the night before while cutting each others hair.
I informed Captain Jimmy of my hesitation of this 3 hour tour we were preparing to engulf upon. He 
assured me that I had nothing to fear but fear itself. As we made our way down amongst the finest 
of sea vessels that Scott's  Marine had in port on this fine afternoon. We came upon the "SS Minnow" 
(Not  really the name, I just can't remember if it even had a name). Although not the  largest vessel in 
port this day, Captain Jimmy assured me that she was as sea  worthy as she looked. (Now I was scared) 
Needless to say I'm not quite sure  if my sea legs were kicking in or I just trying to run to get the HELL 
outta  there! Yet I must tell you, that his vessel was impressively clean, no stench like other larger boats 
I have been on in earlier sea goings. His vessel was extremely "Homey" with a certain woman's touch. 
(I'm sure from one of his many  Sea Wenches he swoons with his Salty Dog, Captain Bly persona) The 
galley was clean and prepared, his "head" (the toilet)  was very clean and at  it's ready. (Just in case 
I got sea sick) Sleeping quarters were neat and  beds were all turned down with a piece of chocolate 
on each pillow. We stored our supplies and off we went!
The seas were calm as we departed port for what was an extremely enjoyable afternoon! We motored 
his yacht across the Mighty Elizabeth to Town Point Park,  where we were greeted by Lewis McGhee 
and Robin Thompson. Robin being a veteran  sea dog himself spent many an hour swapping sea stories 
with Captain  Jimmy. You would have thought they had been sea buddies for years. (Actually Jimmy went 
on the web and found out that Robin loved sailing,  and Jimmy said "Hi Robin" and they just exchanged 
pleasantries) Captain Jimmy  had supplied ICE COLD Corona Lights, snacks and chairs for an afternoon 
of very  impressive acoustic music. Lewis and Robin played for about 2 hours. Not  only was the weather 
perfect, but the BABE FEST I think was an extra perk! Sweet  Jesus, Mother of God I haven't seen so many 
babes in one place since the last  time we were in Master's with the $20 T-Shirt and lap dance special.
After the concert Captain Jimmy manned his vessel and we were under way for our 3 hour tour. The wind 
was plentiful my friends, the seas were rough (about a  6" to 8" swell).  As Captain Jimmy raised his "Jeb" 
(the front Sail) I  could see his "Silhouette" in the sunset, A sturdy sea going man that was not  going to let 
me know how serious a situation we were getting ready to get into.  We sailed down the Elizabeth with the 
wind at our backs and sails full of the  wind his was stealing from Mother Nature. He fired up his "Massive 
Grill" off  the stern of boat and I was able to watch his multi talented Sea skills of  cooking and sailing at the 
same time. (Something I'm sure he does on a many of  his days alone at sea).  As soon as I saw he was 
not a multi tasked  individual, I stepped in and cook for us as he manned the sails.
We had been on the Mighty Elizabeth for about an hour or so as the sun began to set behind the cranes of 
P Town. The seas began to get a little rough,  however Captain Jimmy remained relatively calm assuring me 
constantly that his  vessel was the finest that had sailed this evil sea they called..............The  Mighty Elizabeth! 
Captain Jimmy after taming The Mighty Elizabeth and trimming  his sails was able to entertain and 
amaze me with hours of Ol Salty Dog Sea  tales of his racing days gone past. After several hours of his Sea 
"Lies" and  his 3 hot sausages and two six packs of Coronas................these two ol drunken sailors were ready 
to make port.
As we headed back in the calm of the night a certain feeling came over me. It was something I had not felt 
since my younger day, I wasn't quite sure what I  was feeling. It was...............it was like I had just spent the past 
3 hours  with my Dad. Every time The Mighty Elizabeth was ready to swallow us up, he  would reach out and 
touch me (Dropping that damn wooden stick that he steers  with on my toe) and assure me that all was 
well and I had nothing to fear but  fear itself. I can remember my Dad often make me feel that way when I was a 
As we pulled into port I helped Captain Jimmy batten down all the hatches, store the main sail and even got to 
empty the head.
We had a certain bond  Captain Jimmy and I..............as I walked away and said my good-byes and we  parted 
our ways.............I looked back over my shoulder to see if was coming. Captain Jimmy never stepped off the boat. 
I yelled back..........are ya comin home Captain Jimmy? His response  was...............My home is the sea son............
I'm already home!
As I drove my land lubber ass home that I night it hit me........................(the beer buzz that is!) Captain Jimmy has 
my deepest  respect as the Captain of the high seas. His rough Salty Dog personality only  compliments your 
experience. If you are ever offered the chance to board his  vessel and experience this LIFE CHANGING 
3 hour tour............take my word for  it............It will make you a better person after the hangover is  gone in the AM!
In closing......Many Thanks to you Captain Jimmy.............may the wind always be at your back and may your sails 
always be full!
Thank you Captain Jimmy................

(Submitted by Jimmy Schools from his friend who now owns a Catalina 27!)