I just completed a fantastic 2 day 75 mile first sail ever in my 1969 G26 and I thought I would share the experience with the group.


I purchased my G26 during the winter (2006) and needed to get her from City Island, NY to Beacon NY which would be her new home port. I had never even seen a  Grampian let alone sailed one, but after 30 odd years of sailing everything  from dinks, Hobie Cat’s and crewing on many a larger sloop, I felt up to the challenge.  The first part of the voyage took us from the mouth of the Long Island Sound, under the Throgs Neck Bridge, down the East River along side Manhattan, through Hell Gate and under all the other bridges connecting New York City and Long Island including the Brooklyn Bridge and out to the Hudson River right in front of the Statue of Liberty.


With a strong wind coming directly at us we had to motor the entire way down the East River, but once we got to the Hudson we raised the main and I got my first taste of sailing on a G26. With just the main up the boat was unbalanced and it was hard to keep her on course, but once we put up a head sail the control was amazing. We used the jib for the rest of the day and part of the second as the wind was still very strong but once it calmed down a bit we put up the 150 Genoa. That became the sail of choice for the lighter winds and kept us going until we reached our destination around 6:30pm the second day.


All I can say is I’m glad I found my G26 and I look forward to many seasons of sailing her up and down the Hudson. Now I see why so many sailors love their Grampians…what a great boat!


Jim Birmingham