We are doing a refit on a 1974 Grampian 1/34 Ketch. This is an account of our first time sailing on her.

Finally, She's Splashed

Monday, October 20, 2014

Log, Grampian

Saturday, October 18

Finally, The Grampian has been splashed!!! Mike and I arrived at Blue Springs around 18:00 and after grabbing a couple bags out of the truck headed to the Crows Nest to pick up the keys for the Grampian. She had just been reintroduced to the water after a haul out that
consisted of a bottom job, new paint for the hull and a new boot stripe.

With keys in hand We hiked out and after we walked around the boat inspecting the newly painted hull that we found to be looking very
nice, we climbed aboard. After tossing some of our stuff below, we attempted to crank up the engine but although it was turning over, it would not fire. After thinking about the problem for a second and looking around Mike noticed a button adjacent to the ignition and surmising it might be a glow plug--basically a spark plug for a diesel-- he pushed it in and the little 18 hp Yanmar engine fired right up. At this point Mike remembered the 11th commandment " when firing up a marine diesel, always, always check to see if water is coming out the tail pipe". There was no water in the cooling system so --to avoid overheating the engine--he quickly hit the kill switch. The first thing we did was check the water intake for the cooling system and after finding it in the off position, we turned it on then tried the engine again
and this time we had water. With the engine running I went forward and threw off the dock lines then we motored out.

This was our first trip on the boat and was very nice ! The other lake rats were waving and friendly. The weather was cool and There was a nice breeze out of the west. After we arrived in wide water we put the boat through some paces. We revved up the engine to check her speed and we also did a couple figure eights to see how she responds to the helm. She has a fin keel with a spade rudder and the prop is far back under the boat so she responds to adjustments in the helm very quickly. We did not stay out long because night was coming on and were not sure how many lights were working. also there is no identifying numbers on her hull. Back at the dock Mike skilfully parked the boat without a scratch then we tied her off and headed for the bar for food and drink.

At the Crows Nest , with the Tenn. Old miss game on a 60 inch big screen, a rowdy football party was underway. We ordered a "Black and Blue Burger" with waffle fries and a pitcher of cold dark beer and joined in the fun. At half time we left the bar and headed back to the boat. Mike crashed in the stern cabin while I stayed up in the main cabin going through cabinets, closets etc tossing some things and organizing others. Finally, around 2300 I got tired and climbed into my sleeping bag in the v-birth . The night was long and noisy.

There was a brisk wind blowing and the lines such as halyards and topping lifts were clanging against the mast and shrouds all night.
At one point I could have sworn I heard a ghost walking the decks outside. He had an uneven gate like he might have had a peg leg. Perhaps, A ghost showing' up early for Blue Springs world famous Halloween party, BOO?

Sunday, Oct 19

In the morning hours the wind finally dyed down some and was able to get a little sleep but woke feeling a little rough However the day
was looking much brighter after a big strong black coffee and a sausage biscuit from the dock restaurant.

There are so many things on your to do list when refitting a boat that it is hard to know where to start but you just have to jump in. We started stowing stuff out of the way in one of the big cockpit lockers while tossing some things in the trash and when I got the v-birth cleared out a little, I drug out the shop vac and did some vacuuming. Meantime, Mike measured a wall in the main cabin for an essential TV/DVD for sailing movies and also measured some ports that need to be replaced because of leaks etc. After we both grew tired of cleaning, we decided to have some fun and take the boat out again.

This time when Mike turned the key, she fired right up then I went forward and threw off the dock lines and we were off. Out on the water
the cool sunny fall East Tennessee day was beautiful with a light wind out of the west so we decided this would be a good time to see how she sails. I went forward and raised the main then back to the stern to deploy the mizzen. Then Mike let the big ketch fall off with the wind to port. At this point , with engine off, she was sailing briskly along but we knew with some jib out she could do better but when I tried to roll out the jib, I found the machinery to be seized. The rolling mechanism would not budge so I soon gave up and returned
to the cockpit. Mike wanted to take a look so I took over the wheel. We were unsuccessful in deploying the jib but our first sail on the big Ketch was a rush!

We stayed out for a couple hours tacking and jibing and just trying to get the feel of the Grampian then we decided to head in and get some vittles. With some help from a fellow sailor passing by on the dock we managed to safely back the big ketch into her slip and get her tied off then we headed out for the restaurant. After a leisurely meal on the covered pavilion, --Mike had a burger and I had a Philly cheese steak with a Dr. Pepper-- and with the sun low in the sky and night coming we headed back to the boat and packed up for the trip home.

Our thanks to the gods for more fun and safe times on the water...

The Grampian refit is going well.

She has new bottom paint, new hull paint to the hull deck joint and a new boat stripe. She also has 600 ft of new 7/16 line for halyards, sheets and topping lifts in a cockpit closet that we plan to install in the Spring. We have measured for new opening ports that will replace the leaky fixed ones now on the boat that do not open. We are sure the opening ports will help ventilation greatly.

Karen and I plan to camp on the boat for the much anticipated October 31 Blue Springs Marina Halloween Party.