Welcome to the newly designed Grampian Owners Marina! I am leaving this design up for a few days / weeks to get feedback from the public. If you like the design, please let me know and I will continue to develop this. If not, I welcome constructive feedback! The thumbnail photos below will be updated to proper "sailboaty" photos if feedback from the public is good :)

There may be some issues with CSS alignment / size on certain mobile devices and browsers. Please let me know if you find any weird issues on the site. Only the front page has been updated so far - if feedback is good, the rest of the site will follow
- James Burke, webmaster, Feb 16, 2021 - [email protected]

* Note: I am currently trying to update the owners registry once every two weeks, including photo uploads, but I also have a very full time job - please bear with me if there are delays


Allan Stokell of the Grampian Marine Youtube channel has reached out regarding a Zoom Call he is planning. I'm happy to share his video here!