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2014 Ontario Grampian Gathering in Toronto on Saturday, August 9th

Hi, I just got back from the Grampian reunion at the Aquatic Park Sailing Club in Toronto. Anyone who has been there knows that it is like Muskoka, without the 3 hours drive. We received an exceptionally warm welcome from everyone at the club and enjoyed their roast pig supper and fabulous entertainment.

These guys are off the grid in Tommy Thompson wilderness park right in downtown Toronto but you would never know it. It was rather pleasant and decidedly different.

I would like to thank everyone from the club for their warm welcome to Grampian owners. There are about 7 or 8 at the club and they welcomed an equal number of guests. The roasted pig was great and guests got to eat the crackling. I hadn't had it for years which is probably why my cholesterol is so low!

I took a few pictures but I invite all attendees to post some pictures if they have them.

Allan Stokel


Updated 9 Sept 2014