After reading a discussion about windows Leon Gonzalez  shared what he did to his G30. 
"When I bought it in 2000, I had never heard of a Grampian, so I had no idea how windows were fitted at the factory.  I did know that what was on this 28 year old was not original and the ugliest I had ever seen.  Not only was the "plastic" clouded & cracked, the previous owner had simply shaped the plastic and fastened them to the outside with thru bolts (in what appeared to be a random pattern) and pushed in as much white sealant (which had moulded badly and was actually multishades of grey) as they could until it "glopped"all over the place.
After a couple of months, my first thought was to find someone who could make aluminum frames, much like those on my  previous Catalina 22.  Somewhere along the way I determined that if I had a large piece of teak (approx 50" x 13"), that I could make them over the winter at home.  I found a supplier on the internet in California and he made me two boards by gluing two pieces 3/8's" thickness "cross grained" to come up with what amounted to a two-ply board.  With tracings I set upon the job with lots of TLS (tender loving sanding) with the attached photos the finished results.  The smaller forward windows were made out of the cutout of the large one.  I finished them with many coats of Cetol Light and they have held up well since spring 2001.  They are fastened from the inside with #8 pan head screws and sealed with silicone."

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