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Grampian 23

Designed in 1972 by Alex McGruer

About 300 built in Canada and USA

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Grampian 26

Designed in 1969 by Alex McGruer

About 980 built in Canada. Replaced by Discovery 7.9 

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Grampian 7.9 Discovery 

Later version of G26 after  G26 Hull No 1000 was built.

Not many produced and some were
sold as hulls and finished by owners

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Grampian 28

Designed in 1975 by Rolf van der Sleen

About 150 built in Canada

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Grampian 30

Designed in 1969 by Alex McGruer

About 350 built in Canada and USA G 30 Cutter rig designed in 1975 about 50 built

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Grampian 34

Designed in 1973 based on the Triangle 32 and the design reworked in house by Axel Schmidt. About 50 built


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Grampian 2-34

Designed in 1974 and about 50 boats were built

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Grampian Classic 22

Believe this was based upon Triangle 22 which was built under license by Grampian.

Not many appear to still be out there                    


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Grampian Classic 31

Designed by a naval architect
from Annapolis, Peter van Dyne.
There is also a Sparkman and
Stephens designed Classic 37


Grampian 46

Designed by William Tripp. About 12 were built starting in the mid-sixties. The molds for this boat's hull have just been located and are available for sale..