Over the last few years an inventory has been created of Grampian Sailboats still sailing. It identifies  for each boat the hull number, year built, boat's name, owners and where the boat is now located. We are now adding engine and keel type as these seem to be  items of interest.

Emails are not shown to respect everyone's privacy. If there is a desire to contact another owner, I will do my best to put you in touch with each other.

If your boat is not shown or if the information shown is incorrect, please let me know. If you 
know of other Grampians at your club or marina, please ask them to send me their information or if 
they are not on the internet, perhaps you could send it to me

G23 Inventory G26 Inventory G7.9 (Discovery) G28 Inventory G30 Inventory G34 Inventory G2-34 Inventory G Classic 22 G Classic 31